Continuing Education

                             Would you like to become a Texas Master Beekeeper?


EFBA Master Beekeeper Program Study Sessions for Apprentice and Advanced Level


Interested in expanding your Beekeeping knowledge and maybe going for your Texas Master Beekeeping certification?  We will be holding Zoom sessions for both the Apprentice and Advanced level beginning in July.  If you are interested, contact Byron Compton <> or <>.

He will add your name to the list and provide session outlines and links to the Zoom sessions.

First sessions will be July 5th for the Apprentice level and July 14 for the Advanced level.

If you attended our beekeeping classes but are not a member, please click here to access class materials.

You will need the password supplied to you during the classes.

Please explore the links below to learn more about the many facets of beekeeping!

Bee Management and Health

All About the Honey

For the Kids