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The Elm Fork Beekeepers Association was founded in 2018 as a nonprofit, ethical organization focused on educational outreach to help others learn about the critical importance of honeybees as well as best management practices for beekeepers. Keeping bees requires life long learning,  and through our active mentorship program and classes we seek to provide education and enrichment for new and veteran beekeepers.

Please read our association bylaws.

EFBA Mission:

To share information and provide education to our members and community about bees and beekeeping. To promote responsible beekeeping practices, through training and education, resulting in effective management of diseases, pests, and other environmental issues.

EFBA Advocacy Prohibition:

The EFBA mission is to be an educational association. No part of the activities of EFBA shall be devoted to advocacy, lobbying, politically or privately promoting issues, agendas, or businesses or personal endeavors, by propaganda or otherwise, using the EFBA name or themselves as a EFBA member.

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