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Meet this year's EFBA Scholarship Recipient, Keldyn Lerner!

Age: 14

Siblings: 7 (2 brothers, 5 sisters)

Hobbies: In addition to the new beekeeping adventure, he raises meat ducks and works on the small family farm.  Plays guitar and performed on stage several times


Part of Keldyn's introduction and acceptance presentation to the EFBA at our

March General Meeting:

"For me beekeeping sounds like a grand adventure.  I've been raised to embrace adventure and be on the lookout for chances to grow.  That's what I see this as.  I want to learn and use this time to meet new people, glean ideas and help my family all at the same time.  It is my intention to grow from one hive into several as I learn to manage bees, their habits and behaviors.."

L to R - Byron Compton, EFBA Education Director and Mentor; Jan Hodson, EFBA President; Keldyn Lehner - Scholarship Winner; and Stan Brandon - EFBA Vice President and Scholarship Chair.

Keldyn finishing building and painting his hive boxes.

Mentor demonstrating good brood pattern on Nuc frame.

Lehner family at the Nuc Installation - he truly has full family support and excitement.

Keldyn and Mentor going over Nuc installation procedures.

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